Where Are They Now: Scott Hall

Posted: February 19, 2013 by Michael Fiore in WWE Wrestlers
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razor-ramon1-175x175Scott Hall: Murderer, Wrestler, Husband, Father, Substance Abuser, 10 Time Relapser, Heart Failure, Epileptic, Pacemaker User, Overdosed. Think you know Scott Hall? Razor Ramon? “Big” Scott Hall? The Bad Guy? Magnum? THINK AGAIN! (Documentary included)

“Theres got to be some reason that Im still here, I should of died a hundred times, I should of been dead a hundred times” – Scott Hall

Of all the “Where are they Now” posts that I’ve written this was the hardest to write. I say that because usually the research shows some sign of success, but it seems as if it is the total opposite for Scott Hall. Now even though Hall’s life is currently filled with pain…Im not going to let that stop me from having fun in this post…You’re going to want to see ALL OF THIS!

OKAY! Here we go…

If you were an 80’s Baby, Im sure you remember Scott Hall as “The Bad Guy” Razor Ramon fighting like this…

But did you know that he now wrestles like this?

Shocked? Disappointed? (Yea, me too) Keep reading…

Standing at 6’7, weighing in at 287 lbs (steroids included) comes the infamous wrestling legend Scott Hall. Lets start from the beginning. Scott was born Scott Oliver (weird name) Hall. Hall currently resides in the same town he grew up, Chuluota, Florida with his wife Dana Lee, son Cody and daughter Cassidy. Actually screw it, lets just dive right in!

Razor first began wrestling for the National Wrestling Alliance in Florida ’84. Within a year he headed on over to the American Wrestling Association where he was best known as “Magnum” (Lmao! Really? Thats the best you could do Scotty?). After he woke up and realized how terrible the name Magnum was he became known as “Big” Scott Hall (move over Kanye, you’re not the only creative genius out there) and was being pushed as a baby face wrestler to try and achieve the same success Hogan had before leaving for the WWF. Razor was a tag team hit within the AWA but when they pushed him into heavyweight matches alone he could see that the AWA ship was sinking and decided to return to the NWA in 1989 (good eye bro).

Now that “Big” Scott “Magnum” Hall had returned to the NWA he woke up yet again and realized how awful his name was, changing it back to his government and wrestling as Scott Hall. In 1989 Hall didn’t have much to offer and became a jobber right before he fell off the map. He made his way on over to the World Wrestling Council and won the WWC Caribbean Heavyweight Championship which he held for a month. In 1991 he returned yet again to the NWA but just like “Big” Scott “Magnum” Hall the region decided to change its name. It was now known as World Championship Wrestling (WCW). If you thought his nick names were great before you’ll love this one…The Diamond Studd (yes 2 d’s). Here he was a monster heel managed by Diamond Dallas Page who managed him to his first Pay Per View win at The Great American Bash (way to hang in there StuDD). He remained here at WCW until 1992 when he began to fade.

So where are we? Lets recap quick. Scott Oliver Hall goes to the NWA and fails (sucks). Then he goes to the AWA calls himself “Big” Scott “Magnum” Hall and well…fails. Now he heads back to the NWA as The Diamond Studd, wins…and then fails 2 years in (sort of).

In 1992 Razor began speaking with the World Wrestling Federation (formally known as the World Wide Wrestling Federation) and decided to sign a contract (WIN!). It was here that he asked Vince McMahon and Pat Patterson if they’d ever seen the movie Scarface (awesome movie). Their reply was no (shocker). Scott decided this would be a great time to tell them all about the Cuban green card stabbing “bad guy” drug dealing Tonny Montana and pitched it as a gimmick (for a show that children watched…uhhh kind of f*cked up bro). But hey, Vince and Pat were on board with the whole Bad Guy gimmick and agreed Razor should be a nickname. In need of a full ring name Hall asked Tito Santana for a Latino sounding name beginning with the letter R and he suggested Ramon. Hall went right back to Vince thus giving birth to RAZOR RAMON (yet again, another positive role model for us 80s Babies). His nickname became “The Bad Guy” and his catchphrase “Say hello to The Bad Guy” (thank god “Big Magnum” watched movies). Razor made his debut on August 2 on the 92 Superstars show where he beat a local jobber by the name of Paul Van Dow with the “Diamond Death Drop” which he took from his WCW character, renaming it “Razors Edge” (again…awesome). Early in his career as Razor Ramon he wore the classic gold chains around his neck and flicked the tooth pick at almost everyone. Looking back, I think we can all agree the gimmick was kind of racist (I hate to laugh, but its true).

Razor caught his big break at the Royal Rumble against Bret “The Hitman” Hart. Bret was suppose to be facing the Ultimate Warrior but with the Warrior leaving the WWF, Hart had no opponent. Razor filled in and tapped out to the Sharpshooter (can ya blame him?) Although Bret defeated Razor it definitely gave him more leverage in the company. The very next month Razor won a 16-man battle royal with the help of Giant Gonzalez. This gave him his push to Wrestlemania IX where be defeated the WWF Champion Bob Backlund.

On an episode of “Monday Night Raw” Razor was defeated by a jobber. Well known names rarely lose to jobbers but this jobber was special. This jobber was then known as “The Kid” who later on became “The 1-2-3 Kid” but you probably know him best as “Xpac” (DX What UP!). This began a storyline feud which lasted until the King of the Ring Pay Per View. This was a crucial time for Hall because this is the first time he slowly became a face AKA “good guy”. (Yes “The Bad Guy” became a “good guy”. Ironic but okay whatever lets move on). Halls success as Razor Ramon continued until his departure from the WWF in 1996 in which he YET AGAIN returned to WCW. Before his departure he won the Intercontinental Championship 4 times, a Slammy Award, and went 3-1 at Wrestlemania (not too shabby). His only loss was to Stone Cold Steve Austin (but that a whole new post in its own). In my own opinion, Razors greatest match was against Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania X in that insane first ever Wrestlemania Ladder match. Wrestling today doesn’t hold a candle to what this match was!


Ever hear of the Kliq?
One of the most memorable nights in wrestling history was the “The Kliq’s Curtain Call”. See, the Kliq was a backstage group of the most powerful wrestlers (Shawn Michaels, Tripple H, Diesel, Razor Ramon, and the 1-2-3 Kid) in the business who just happened to be best friends as well. The Kliq had most (if not all) booking power (they bascially had the authority to decide who won and lost matches) in the World Wrestling Federation and were heavily favored by Vince, but on May 19th, 1996 the group broke kayfabe (character) at MSG In Your House (Vince got his panties in a bunch). That night Paul Levesque (Hunter Hearst Helmsley) who was a “bad guy” wrestled “good guy” Razor Ramon and “good guy” Shawn Michaels wrestled “bad guy” Diesel. This was a depressing night for the Kliq because both Razor and Diesel were leaving Vince McMahons WWF for Ted Turners WCW because Turner offered them higher paying contracts. Vince refused to match Turners offer. After the main event (Michaels vs Diesel) Razor came out and hugged Michaels (cute bro). This was acceptable at the time because both wrestlers were fan favorites. However he was followed by “bad guy” Hunter Hearst Helmsley who hugged both Ramon and Diesel (awwww). Before we knew it we had 4 sweat dripping, chest waxing, bed tanning men all hugging in the corner of a steel cage ring (totally not gay). Since Vince refused to match Turners offer the two wrestlers left the WWF. As time progressed Razor Ramon and Diesel became heavily known as Scott Hall and Kevin Nash appearing on WCWs Monday Night Nitro.

Hall first appeared on WCW May 27, 1996 after leaving the WWF. He came from the crowd in his own clothes letting the world know that he was an “outsider”. As the weeks went on, Kevin Nash (remember him? He use to be Diesel) came into the picture and joined Hall and together they became a tag team known as The Outsiders. They said that they would be taking over WCW and announced that they had a third member joining the crew but kept it a mystery until The Bash at the Beach where Hulk Hogan announced that he was joining the two Outsiders to create New World Order (nWo) declaring war against the WCW.

As time went on the nWo grew larger. Hall, Nash, and Hogan recruited members such as The Giant and Kliq member Syxx (Xpac). In 1998 The New World Order became known as nWo Hollywood where Hall was kicked out of the group and refereed to himself as The Lone Wolf. Eventually Kevin Nash would lead nWo Wolfpac in which Hall would become a part of once again. At this time, Scotts wife Dana wrote a letter to the WCW letting them know that they failed to rehabilitate her husband and blaming them for exploiting his flaws such as addiction to cocaine, alcohol, and pain killers (more on this crazy bastards crazy habits later).

In 1999 the nWo Elite/ Reunuion was formed (Side note: Whats the point of New World Order if almost everyone in the company has been a part of the stable?) and disbanded in 2000. Hall ended his WCW reign with a pin fall by Sid-Vicious at Superbrawl on 2/20. This was Halls last PPV with the company. His time with the WCW was clearly more successful than it was with the WWF. Hall left with 7 World Tag Team Championships, 1 World Television Championship, and 2 United States Heavyweight Championships (Winning!).

So what do you do when you’ve been a success at the two largest wrestling companies? Well, you go to the third of course! In 2000 Hall went over to Extreme Championship Wrestling but only lasted two matches which were not even televised (Fail). So what do you do when you’ve been a success at the two largest wrestling companies and failed in the third? Well, you go to Japan of course! (what the f*ck were you thinking bro?) Hall flew all the way there for another fail! 2 matches; 0 wins! (way to go guy. Real smart move)

Luckily, Hall didn’t let Japan eat hit him up. I take you to the year 2002. It was the attitude era in the WWF and Vince McMahon had just bought out both WCW and ECW which meant “The Bad Guy” had come back! Even though the WWE held the rights to the whole Razor Ramon persona, he still wrestled as Scott Hall. Kevin Nash did the same. The reason for doing this was simple (Are you ready for this? Its about to get a little bit ridiculous). The reason was to bring back nWo of course! (Now if you were an nWo fan you were probably psyched but if your learning all this now for the first time you must be like “Seriously?”)

So here we go again, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Hulk Hogan came back after the Invasion storyline as nWo and started recruiting members including Degeneration-X co-creator Shawn Michaels (Keep in mind the reason DX was even created was to compete with WCW’s nWo). Sadly Halls love for the drugs were stronger than his love for wrestling so he was asked to leave the company due to “lack of performance” (F*cking Idiot). There was no storyline written for his departure from the WWF this time around. The last memory the WWF fans have of him is from the Monday Night after Insurrextion 2002 where he fought in a 6 man tag match (Hall, Big Show, and X-Pac vs Steve Austin, Bradshaw, and Ric Flair).

So what do you do when you’ve done WCW, WWF, gone back to WCW, headed to ECW, failed, flew to Japan, failed, come back to the WWF, and fail for the third time in a row? Well, you go to Jeff Jarrett’s Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) of course! (LMAO!!! Oh and you put on A LOT of weight…but not before throwing on a G-Unit T!)

Even though his days of glory were gone at this point, the fans still welcomed him with open arms, as they should, cause at the end of the day this guys done it all! He wrestled in TNA here and there until 2004 when he decided to wrestle independently in circuits such as Puerto Rico and Japan (…again).

So, what do you do when you’ve done everything? You return to TNA of course! (AKA the only place that would actually sign a man with a death wish). He returned alongside life long friend Kevin Nash and thennnnnnnnn left in 2005 (lol! You can’t make this sh*t up). In 2007 he returned to the World Wrestling Council (WWC) as Razor in the Wolfpac attire for the anniversary tour against Carlito. Hall lost (shocker). The next night he returned to face Carlito for the WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship and won! (pitty win?) Hall fought a few more fights within the circuit but eventually missed his last match (hence last match) and…RETURNED to TNA for a 3rd time (LOL).

Okay here we are, Halls third time at TNA and what happens? He no-shows the “Turning Point” event (WHAT THE F*CK BRO?). Soooo within two months Hall had left TNA (…for the third time). Goodbye TNA, Hello Juggalo Championship Wrestling (JCW)? Surprisingly Hall was able to fight here from 2007-2009 (congrats buddy). Not only did he stay but he created “Juggalo World Order” (which is just sad). Think thats sad? Kevin Nash followed (meanwhile, Shawn Michaels and HHH are still living it up over at what was now WWE).

In 2009, Hall started his own internet show called “Last Call with Scott Hall” (and since I can’t describe how bad this “show” was I’ll simply have to show you). Check out one of his episodes that he aired from Japan. (OH! PS- Dudes F*CKED UP)!

Now that we’re on the subject lets talk about something I completely forgot to mention. I don’t know how to exactly say this but our beloved Razor Ramon (sorta, kinda) killed a man in 1983 (and by sorta, kinda I mean he was definitely charged with 2nd degree murder. 45 Caliber to the head!) but the case was somehow dismissed due to lack of evidence (ummm…exhibit A: the mans head would of been good enough for me, but who’s judging).

I digress, guess what? Scott woke up and said f*ck this JCW sh*t and went elsewhere. Can you take a guess? Thats right! TNA for a 4th time! He returned alongside Sean Waltman (The Kid, 1-2-3 Kid, X-Pac, Syxx, Syxx-Pac, and Oh who gives a sh*t at this point) on January 4, 2010. It was the same night Hulk Hogan was debuting so Spike threw out the red carpet got on their knees and gave him a live 3 hour special Monday Night iMpact! The two buddies formed a quick alliance with…can you guess it? YES! Kevin Nash…again! Absolutely beautiful! AND THATS WHERE HE NOW WRESTLES TO THIS DAY! (NO, IM TOTALLY KIDDING. Hall was released in June).

Okay now this is where the post really does get a little gloomy (seriously). In 2011 he denied Shawn Michaels invitation to Michaels Hall of Fame induction where all the other Kliq members would reunite because he was too messed up.

The video from the beginning of the post from Top Rope Promotions took place on April 8th. Scott Hall overdosed the night before, yet somehow someway Hall continues to wrestle in independent circuits as well as in and out of jail. More importantly Scott Hall wrestles his demons which are shown and well told in this documentary filmed and produced by ESPN.


In all seriousness, Scott you’ve been an inspiration to many men and a hero to many children. You are one of the greatest entertainers to ever get in the ring and we here at CheckZaZa love ya for it (no homo). I wish you the best!

Scott Hall’s Official Theme Music…

WWF: Bad Guy – Jim Johnston

NWO: Rockhouse – Frank Shelley

ECW: Ready or Not – The Fugees

TNA: Marvelous Me – Dale Oliver

TNA: The Band Theme – Dale Oliver

TNA: Wolfpac Theme – J.Hart


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